Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chocolate Nutella Cupcakes

This might be my last posting for a little while. My husband and I are buying a house and we close on the house on Friday. We could not be more excited to get our very first house! I'm really excited because the kitchen is HUGE with a HUGE walk-in pantry with a window. I'm soooo tired of small apartment kitchens, I could scream! Our apartment is pretty much packed up and ready to go. I've only kept out the stuff I've needed to cook and the stuff we need on a day to day basis. We should be moving very soon...therefore, no cupcake making for probably a couple of weeks, at least. I will be making cupcakes on Wednesday because it is my husband's birthday, but he wants German Chocolate cupcakes which I've made before so I'm not posting them.

Today I decided to make Chocolate cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream. With the chocolate cake I substituted the hot water needed in the recipe with strong coffee. When the cupcakes were done I brushed more coffee on top of them. Basically it is a chocolate cupcake with coffee undertones. I then made a Nutella buttercream and garnished the cupcakes with Ritter Sport or Lindt chocolate hazelnut pieces.

These cupcakes were pretty good, but not exactly what I was imagining. I didn't really taste the coffee much. I did really enjoy the Nutella buttercream though! Overall these cupcakes were tasty!

This is also the first time trying out my new hot pink foil cupcake liners. I saw these at Simply Sweet bakery (the bakery I reviewed in Evans, GA). I LOVED them so I went online and found some. I got 500! These are awesome liners and soooo pretty!

I got this book the other day at Borders (since they're going out of business, they are putting a dent in my wallet!). I really like this book. It is mainly a picture book with a couple of recipes in the back. There are a lot of great ideas in here!

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