Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bakery Review

So....I went to Costco the other day and was browsing their books. I stumbled upon The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook. I've seen this cookbook before at Barnes and Noble when a friend and I were there looking at cookbooks. I thought this book looked really cute and had some neat recipes in it. It was a consideration for purchase but since I have TONS of cookbooks and don't use half of them, I did not buy it.

I visited Savannah yesterday to see my grandparents. I was sitting down drinking tea and eating cookies with my grandma and in our conversation she had mentioned this bakery. I had no idea that this bakery was in Savannah (I just skimmed the pictures of the cookbook....I did not read any of the text)! I was excited to hear that....I looked up the cookbook and sure enough it was the same bakery she was talking about. I asked her if we could go today and she said yes.

I went with my grandparents to this bakery, which is not far from their house at all. We went around 10:00 am which is kind of early for desserts so I don't think they had everything out yet. I ordered 2 vanilla cupcakes and 2 chocolate cupcakes (with intention with sharing, of course)....those are the only flavors they had available at the time. I really really wish I could have tried the red velvet.

I brought my adorable cupcakes home and called up a friend to have tea and cupcakes with me. We each had half of a vanilla cupcake and half of a chocolate cupcake. I do have to say I was very impressed with both! The chocolate cupcake was very very chocolatey....more on the rich side. The vanilla was also very good. What I loved about these cupcakes is their frosting to cake ratio. There was not too much frosting which is how I like it. I have absolutely no complaints about these cupcakes. I also LOVED the actual bakery and it's atmosphere. I saw the shelves that are on the cover of the cookbook. They were full of neat retro antique kitchen stuff.

I will most definitely visit there again. I'll probably go every time I visit Savannah. Next time I'll spend more time there and try a few of their other items. All we did this trip is go in, get stuff, then leave. I also went out to buy the cookbook....I'm very much looking forward to trying some recipes!

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