Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Cupcakes

Tonight we went to a Halloween party. This is a party where you can bring a snack or food/drink if you want to. I volunteered to make cupcakes. I wanted to make some Halloween ones anyway and here is a perfect reason to make them. I just did chocolate cupcakes with vanilla or chocolate frosting. Nothing fancy by any means....but good nonetheless. I decorated them with various treats. These cupcakes were a lot of fun to decorate and were a pretty big hit at the party!

Witches hats. Fudge Striped cookie with a Hershey kiss on top, and a frosting bow.

Grave Yard. Chocolate frosting rolled in Oreo crumbs, Milano cookie grave, and white chocolate bones.

Jack Skellington. Vanilla buttercream with black decorators icing.

Jack-o-Lanterns. Orange frosting rolled in orange sugar, black decorators icing, and tootsie roll stem.

Ghosts and Sprinkles.
My display at the party. I bought the cupcake stand at Wal-Mart for less than $5.00....and it fit all 24!

That is me in my costume. I am pregnant Bella Cullen (from Twilight/Breaking Dawn). In the movie her baby is sucking the life out of her because she is half vampire half human....therefore I am drinking "blood" and look rather sickly. I figured it would be a good costume since I got he big pregnant belly!

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